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Babcock Residence

Basement Remodel + Outdoor Living Space

When we first met the Babcock family, the goal was to create an outdoor living space for the whole family to enjoy. They had a basic builder grade deck that they wanted to enhance and cover. Once they learned of our whole scope of work, the basement easily became our target area as well; enter modern rustic vibes.

For the outdoor space we extended their deck with Trex Decking and added a screened in porch with fireplace. The porch cover is fully wrapped in Hardie Trim which will withstand harsh weather conditions and will be sure to look great for years to come. Under the deck you will find under decking, can lights and two fans for additional entertaining space. We saved cost with a stamped concrete patio versus pavers that leads to the fire pit area. 

On the interior, you will find a full basement bar with a wine cooler and ice machine, ready to make your perfect cocktail. The home bar area features a large marble island for guests to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and adds additional seating. The backsplash is a herringbone pattern with additional shelving for liquor storage. Next you will find the home gym that is fully equipped with a weight bench and necessary equipment to stay in shape. The large living space is ready to host all sporting events, including the Georgia Bulldogs! Finally, a private full bathroom was necessary to host guests and create a hassle free experience of having to go up and down the stairs every time nature calls. 

Thank you to the Babcock family for trusting us with your project. We hope your family enjoys this new space for many years to come. We will be highly anticipating your next event and can't wait for an invitation. Cheers! 

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