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The SEED Design-Build Process 

We understand the confusion that comes along with hiring contractors in the remodeling process and the headaches a lot of people experience during the design and construction phases.

From concept to reality, our design build method ensures that your concerns and construction challenges are addressed up-front for your SEED project, so that you aren’t faced with any surprises.

Keep up with the latest trends and learn more about the remodeling process by visiting our blog.

Residential Remodeling
Remodeling Project Intro
  • Your current constraints with the space

  • Your specific desires for improvements

  • Your lifestyle and design tastes

  • Your long term goals for the space

Where your idea starts to become a reality, the Project Intro offers us the opportunity to get to know you, understand your tastes, and learn about your goals for the project.

During the intro meeting, you will meet with one of our Team Members and walk through the spaces you would like to improve. Our goal is to discover:

With this information, we'll put together a project scope and present you with a cost projection for your project. Together, we will sign a design agreement and get started on the Design Phase.

Design Sketch Desktop
Residential Remodeling
project design. png

During the Project Design Phase, our designers will put your vision on paper. We will work together with you to conceptualize the finished project.

We will then have a formal presentation where we will cover:

  • A clearly-defined design concept

  • Plans, elevations, and renderings to showcase how it will all come together

With the approval on the initial concepts, our design team will finalize all drawings and documentation needed for any city reviews and building permits.

Building Plans
Residential Remodeling

The construction phase is where your vision and the design come together.


We will keep you up to date with weekly on-site meetings. During these meetings we will cover:

  • The current status of the project

  • Any revisions you would like to see

  • The overall schedule moving forward

  • Begin implementing any necessary changes

When construction is complete, we take extra steps to make certain every aspect of your project is perfect. We walk the project with you and complete a detailed inspection of the work to ensure your total satisfaction. You will then sign the substantial completion form and begin enjoying your finished project.

Carpenter at Work
Remodeling Project Construction

Fund your Project as soon as tomorrow

  • 60 second pre qualification

  • Does not affect credit score

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