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McMillan Residence

Front and back yard over hall. Including landscaping, hardscape, patio and new deck.

The owner of this home came to us looking for a revamp of her courtyard / front yard space. When she bought the home it was overgrown and unusable. She was looking for a place she could sit and relax, listen to the noise of running water and keep everything relatively low maintenance.

When we first came to her home most of the courtyard had been cleared out so we were starting with a pretty clear slate. We introduced a meandering path that circled around a beautiful tree in the center that she wanted to keep. Earth tone flagstone mixed with a gravel fill set the pathway through the courtyard. All surrounded buy elevated planting beds with minimal plants and a dark mulch created a visually pleasing contrast to the area. We introduced a vertical planting garden to bring some green to the blank brick wall and also created a large wood feature wall along the neighbors home that gives her the opportunity to decorate or highlight in the future.

Project Gallery

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