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Castelbuono Residence

Back deck remodel with screened in porch cover and lower patio with a seating firepit area.

The Castelbuono family came to us wanting a screened in deck, deck expansion, and a lower stone patio with a fire pit. They wanted a space that was a little more private, free of bugs, and that they could use for their hot tub.

The deck was demoed so we had a clean slate to start with and then built a new deck that was slightly bigger than the original. The majority of the left side was closed-in to create the screened in porch. The open area was big enough for access to the stairs and to store a grill, which was a client request. The new L-shaped stairs step down to the stone paved patio with a centralized built-in fire pit. This backyard offers something for entire family.

Project Gallery

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