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Home Exterior Trends for 2022

Designing your forever home goes beyond thinking of the perfect interior design and floor plans. Crafting the perfect contemporary exterior is a crucial element as well. After all, a well-designed exterior sets the entire tone of the homestead.

Whether you're looking to remodel or build a home from scratch, we compiled some of the trends this 2022 to serve as your guide and inspiration.

1. Glass houses

The pandemic forced us to be indoors a lot, so it’s not a surprise that this year, it’s all about glasses and windows. Let outdoor lighting in with elongated windows that provide extensive natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights are also getting more and more popular. They’re aesthetic, warm, and gives the place a cozy vibe

2. Outdoor living spaces

One of the trends for 2022 is to level up the outdoor living experience by creating outdoor living spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities – eating, sports, parties.

3. Doors

Doors were merely entry points before, but not this year! This 2022, doors have become focal points. Homeowners take the time to focus on the color, position and design of doors.

4. Minimalism

Gone are the days that there’s so much going on in a home’s exterior. This year, minimalism is the trend. Homeowners are sticking to black, white, or natural colors. No more bold and bright colors, complex finishes, etc.

Of course, it’s still up to you to decide what your forever home should look like. More than its design, your dream home should be a place you want to always be in, somewhere you’re most comfortable in. If you need help with the development and design, we’re here for you! Here at SEED Development and Design, our professional team works closely with you, the client, in order to come up with the best overall design that fits your specific lifestyle.


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